Rune Readings

A Rune Reading can be a wonderful way to gain insight into yourself, your life, or a particular situation. If you feel unsure about what to do, or how to prioritise your life, they can help provide the subtle understanding and guidance that we often require.

I use runes with a healing focus, aiming to provide guidance  that can help us to embrace our spiritual potential. This is not a prescriptive experience, but rather one where you will feel more informed with renewed clarity, able to make the decisions you need for yourself. Accept what feels right and true to you, and let go of the rest.

A reading of any kind, whether it is done with runes, tarot or other tools, just like any other advice, is one person’s interpretation at the time of the reading. From time to time, we do something out of character, or something unpredictable happens to us. This all has an effect on our life, and the direction we take.

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1 October, 2017